The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough

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One night in July of 1991, two policemen saw a man running handcuffed from the apartment of Jeffrey Dahmer. Investigating, the officers made a gruesome discovery: three human skulls reposed in Dahmer's refrigerator, and the body parts of at least eleven more human beings were scattered throughout the apartment. The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough spans the entire Dahmer case--from the early morning hours of July 23, when Anne E. Schwartz was first tipped to the story by a police officer, to the public ordeal of all those the case has thrown into the spotlight. Schwartz, the Milwaukee Journal reporter who first broke the story, details the dramatic scene when two officers first entered Dahmer's apartment--what they saw as the shocking story unfolded. The episode two months before Dahmer was apprehended, when officers found a fourteen-year-old boy naked and bleeding in the street and returned him to Dahmer's apartment believing the incident was just a homosexual lover's quarrel. While the officers spoke with Dahmer, a victim's body was decomposing in the next room. Dahmer later confessed that he killed the boy immediately after the officers left. The fascinating science of forensics and how old-fashioned police investigation has identified the sixteen Milwaukee victims to date. The mind of Dahmer--the boy who killed a dog and displayed its head on a stake in the woods, the eighteen-year-old abandoned when his mother took his younger brother away after a bitter divorce. Did the events of his childhood cause him to kill? The personal stories of the victims' families and the outrage they felt toward the police, who were supposed to protect them. Schwartz has obtained exclusive access to thepolice, attorneys and judges involved. She reveals what it is like to be privy to confidential information and thrown into the position of deciding what the public can and cannot know. And the book will answer the ultimate question: Why wasn't Dahmer stopped sooner? The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough will be read by all those who want to know the complete, inside story of the Dahmer case--and what happened in its wake.

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  • : Iuniverse
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  • : 9781462062690
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 244
  • : december 2011
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  • : 227 x 155 x 15 mm.
  • : Waargebeurde criminaliteit: seriemoordenaars en moordenaars