The Pipes Are Calling

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All through the Highlands, stout Scots' hearts and hopes were high at the news that at long last the royal Stuart, their Bonnie Prince Charlie, had returned to win back the throne of England and Scotland. And none were more elated at the skirling of the bagpipes than the young Glenallan, who yearned to test his mettle against the hated English and their German-born king. Even though it meant tearing himself away from the side of his love, the beautiful Lady Helen of the English court, there could be no holding back Glenallan and the other clansmen. For though they could rally but eight hundred kilted warriors against the entire soldiery of George II, surely justice and plain mountaineer courage would prevail! THE PIPES ARE CALLING is a terrific, action-packed novel of the desperate days that followed the rebellion of the Highlanders. It is proof once again that Donald Barr Chidsey is indeed a master storyteller of authentic historical adventure.

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