The Principles of Astrology

2 - 4 Weken

This has long been considered one the best books for the beginner and intermediate in Astrology, having been written by a man who taught thousands of people over many years. It was written because the author wanted to remove the complexities that often interfere with learning Astrology properly, and bring the process to the reader step-by-step. All of the basic information needed is presented in a clear and understandable way. The reader will gain a clear understanding of the astrological signs, planets, houses, and aspects in chapter one, so that in chapter two, one can put a horoscope together. More detailed information is found in the remaining chapters so by the time one reaches the end of the book, they have all that is needed to work with Astrology in a highly proficient manner. Carter is one of the truly great teachers, and includes important information beyond the basics-but the reader is first able to build a proper foundation. It has been said that this book is the source for much of the more modern works on Astrology, so it would make sense to use the original source, with all of the key information available in one package. As far as teachers of Astrology go, Charles Carter was considered the best of the best.

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