The Return of the Naive

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Cartoons for grown ups Meet Matt Hazard - an ordinary man trying not to be defined by his job Endorsed by Hunt Emerson About the Mattoonist Paul "kieltyascharged" Kielty is an Irishman living in the midlands of England. Paul worked for many years, first on the factory floor, then rising to the dizzying heights of foreman before jacking it all in to follow every Irishman's dream - to leave their beloved country. His excuse was that he was offered an animation degree at the University of Wolverhampton. He started an M.A. but holding 2 jobs down (Animation technician, and warehousing) to pay the rent and university fees finally meant he took up warehousing/ labouring/ factory work full time, once more... though always dabbling in Stand-up comedy, M.C.-ing at burlesque nights, singer-songwriting and recording, drawing, painting, and developing his origami skills in his spare time. 2018 sees him "coming out" as an artist - with this, his first book of MATTOONS - and a high-end visual art exhibition in Qube gallery, Oswestry, August 2018.

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  • : Fair Acre Press
  • : Fair Acre Press
  • : 9781911048312
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 120
  • : september 2018
  • : 234
  • : 204 x 204 x 8 mm.
  • : Matt Hazard
  • : Humor collecties en bloemlezingen; Stripcartoons