The Story of All Stories

2 - 4 Weken

The most basic and natural way we seek to understand who we are, where we are, what is wrong with us (especially why we die), and how we can be restored is by telling stories. Every culture in every era in every part of the world has a story or stories by which people navigate the mystery of being human on earth. In this series of expositions, Darrell Johnson suggests that the first eleven chapters of Genesis (what he and others maintain constitute the "first half" of the Bible) help make sense of all our other stories, for they speak to the fundamental questions we ask in every age. When we inhabit the story (stories) of Genesis 1-11, Johnson further suggests, we come to realize just how good the good news of Jesus Christ is in the "second half" of the Bible. Darrell W. Johnson has been preaching the gospel for fifty years, having served with churches in British Columbia, California, and the Philippines. He has taught preaching and pastoral theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, Carey College, and Regent College, where in his semi-retirement he serves as teaching fellow. He is the author of eight other books. He and his wife, Sharon, have raised four children (adopted from four different countries of the world) and now enjoy eleven grandchildren.

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