Tokyo Street Style

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Adult coloring gets a makeover with charming, fashion-forward illustrations from this futuristic and glittering city.

Wherever you're off to, take Tokyo Street Style with you. Immerse yourself in this colorful city full of vibrant fashion and unique architecture. The stylish essentials laid out from your suitcase, elegant kimonos in store windows, and fashion-forward city dwellers complement the modern skylines. Embellish whimsical, full-page patterns with your own touch and enjoy Tokyo while you make your way through an iconic city.

This sleek, high-end package has an elastic closure and a satin ribbon marker so you can dip in and dip out of your own Tokyo fashion week. With nothing more than some colored pencils, you'll be on your way to a perfect day.

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  • : Zoe de Las Cases
  • : Random House Usa Inc
  • : 9781524760212
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 80
  • : augustus 2017
  • : 320
  • : 211 x 208 x 12 mm.
  • : Street Style Coloring Books
  • : Hobby‘s; Kleurboeken en activiteitenboeken voor volwassenen; Kunsttechnieken en kunstbeginselen; Mode en textiel; Tekenen en tekeningen