Transformed Thinking

In Transformed Thinking: Loving God With All Your Mind, Dr. Edward M. Curtis argues that every believer needs to take seriously Paul's exhortation in Romans 12 and avoid assimilating from our world and culture values that are contrary to God's truth revealed in Scripture. At the same time Curtis maintains that human perception and the human mind are wonderful gifts from God that he expects us to use to the full. There are significant truths to be learned from the study of our world and through human experience. It is only as we integrate the knowledge available to us through both general and special revelation that we can transform our thinking by loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and truly glorify his name. ""Dr. Edward M. Curtis has given a great deal of thought to what it means to have a Christian worldview in the final decade of the twentieth century, and he has shared his studies and thoughts in this timely study. The book explores what it means to have a Christian mind over against the modernity and postmodemity of our times, and it also explores how we receive and should interpret special revelation. The final chapter makes some important first steps toward a strong Christian worldview based on the early chapters of Genesis. At various places in the book there are perceptive, challenging and thought-provoking questions for the reader. I commend a careful reading of this important study."" --James Montgomery Boice, Pastor, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ""This book is the result of years of teaching undergraduates about the whys and hows of developing a Christian worldview and integrating Holy Scripture with justified beliefs from what may be loosely called general revelation. Curtis' mature reflections draw on a life steeped in biblical theology and from one who is no stranger to modem thought. It is a delight to think of undergraduates and Christians generally interacting with the ideas in this work."" --J. P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

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  • : april 2011
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