Web's Crazy 8 Tattoo Coloring Book

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You can be an individual and have your own opinion on the way you like to dress or are like. If someone is different from you, accept them for who they are because it always comes back around to you. If someone is different, such as their race or handicap, maybe they have birth defects or have different parents than everyone else, or maybe they have tattoos and piercings. If they are different, it can be an interesting experience to get to know them. There are many different people in the world. If you are different and someone doesn't like you, don't worry and never let anyone bully you. Have confidence in yourself, that you are special, and don't let anyone make you feel bad. Being an individual means that you are different in a good way, and other people will appreciate you. Don't follow what other people like all the time. Have your own opinion, and maybe people will follow what you like. If not, it's good to be different, and it's fun to be creative. The world is your palette. You don't need Halloween to express yourself. You can express yourself any day of the year!

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