Why Do Pirates Love Parrots?

Ponder, if you will . . . Is yawning contagious? Do starfish have faces? Why do they put crinkly paper into pairs of men's socks? Why is it that cans of Diet Coke float, but cans of regular Coke don't?
Pop culture guru David Feldman demystifies these questions and much more in Why Do Pirates Love Parrots? One of the Imponderables ®?the unchallenged source of answers to civilization's most perplexing conundrums?and charmingly illustrated by Kassie Schwan, this book provides you with knowledge about everyday life that encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs just don't cover. And think about it: Where else are you going to find out how they get the paper tag into a Hershey's Kiss?

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  • : 9780060888435
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 384
  • : september 2007
  • : 331
  • : 203 x 135 x 23 mm.
  • : Imponderables Series
  • : Diversen en compendia; Humor; Populairwetenschappelijke cultuur; Trivia en quizvragenboeken