Team 10 meetings

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Printuitgave: Team 10 Meetings 1953 - 1984, (edition 1991)edited by Alison Smithson, completes a triad of Team 10 documents following CIAM 59 in Otterlo (1961) and Team 10 Primer (1962 - 1968). This document offers a personal remembering of Team 10, a record of all meetings and excerpts of two representative meetings: those at Royaumont (1962) and Rotterdam (1974). Thus more than a decade of central thought by Team 10 is spanned, from the emotions and manifestos of the fifties via the projects of the sixties to the seventies, when ideas began to come to fruition at Toulouse Le Mirail, in the Serlin Free University, the Housing Wall in Syker, the Catholic Church in The Hague, the Housing Estate 't Hooi in Eindhoven, and in Robin Hood Gardens in London. Team 10 was European and in their discussions we hear European architects thinking aloud. As practicing architects, without doubt, those who comprised the Team 10 family were the leading architects of their period. Team 10 family members were, as individu als, both tenured and visiting professors in Schools of Architecture throughout Europe. As teachers in the United States of America they have touched two if not three generations of students. Their words will resonate for architects throughout the world who were their students within the thirty years from the 1950s into the 1980s.

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