Catwalks & Cowboys

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Catwalks & Cowboys – the story of how Haute Couture was saved.
Catwalks & Cowboys is set in London, Paris, New York and Goliad, a little town in Texas. It's the story of Hazel Bernard, a London based copywriter who - after being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend - flees to Paris to drown her sorrows for a weekend. She ends up on a barstool next to Ali, a celebrated and eccentric fashion designer. As it turns out, Ali carries the weight of the haute couture crisis on his shoulders. Under the influence of Margaritas and whiskey, they brainstorm away. Right there and then, Hazel comes up with a plan that could save the financially struggling world of Haute Couture. With a serious hangover, she returns to London. End of story you'd think. Until Hazel discovers that this said Ali, whom she admired so much, shamelessly took off with her great idea and sold it off as his own. This is not acceptable for Hazel, who takes matters in her own hands, thereby changing her life in more ways that she could have foreseen.

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