A Blessing in the Message

1 - 2 Weken

It's time for you to live a prosperous life, God has blessed me with some poems to ease your fight, When read them you'll start to realize, That He has removed the blinders, from your eyes, The poems will warn your heart, and fill your soul, God's messages are sure to lighten your load, So embrace the gift that you've just heard, Then allow God to bless you through each and every word. Jacqueline James is a Christian author and phenomenon writer who specializes in the gift of poetry. Jacqueline will take you on an extraordinary journey to enrich your mind, heal your heart, and soothe your soul while soaking up her words of endearment. You'll find comfort through every poem once you indulge into the uniquely satisfying experience from Jacqueline's work. She's a prestigious five star poetess on a personal crusade to enhance the quality of (your) her readers life through her astonishing selection of poetry with bible scriptures from the (KJV) as a guideline. If you would to read other books by Jacqueline James please visit the website: rhymes64.weebly.com Peace_Passion_Pleasure _Imagine That!

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