A Distiller's Guide to Whiskey

2 - 4 Weken

This book is in response to the growing number of craft whiskey distilleries that are appearing around the World who need to know the secrets to making the finest whiskies. There are basic methods of making whiskey circulating about, but there is no single source of how-to information that details the precise nuances and timeless secrets of exactly how to make fine World-class whiskey, and not surprisingly the established distilleries keep their secrets well hidden. In this book, those secrets are revealed from selecting the grain to formulating the fermentation organisms (more than just yeast!) to barrel aging and to yeast/bacteria-stock maintenance. And, the text gives detailed step-by-step recipes that incorporate the abovementioned methods and secrets. Smiley shares his experience gathered from consulting on numerous craft whiskey distilleries. This book is required-reading for any craft distiller, or even home distiller that wants to learn how to get it right!

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