A Sea of Shields

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"¿Action-packed ¿. Rice's writing is solid and the premise intriguing.¿ --Publishers Weekly (regarding A Quest of Heroes) ¿The beginnings of something remarkable are there.¿ --San Francisco Book Review (regarding A Quest of Heroes) A SEA OF SHIELDS is Book #10 in the Bestselling series THE SORCERER'S RING, which begins with A QUEST OF HEROES (book #1)--a FREE download on Amazon, with over 600 five star reviews! In A SEA OF SHIELDS, Gwendolyn gives birth to her and Thorgrin¿s child, amidst powerful omens. With a son born to them, Gwendolyn and Thorgrin¿s lives are changed forever, as is the destiny of the Ring. Thor has no choice to but to embark to find his mother, to leave his wife and child and venture away from his homeland on a perilous quest that will have the very future of the Ring at stake. Before Thor embarks, he unites with Gwendolyn in the greatest wedding in the history of the MacGils, and he is given the honor he has always dreamed of when he is inducted into the Silver and becomes a Knight. Gwendolyn feels a looming danger to the Ring, and furthers her plans to rescue all of her people in the case of a catastrophe. Erec receives news of his father¿s illness, and is summoned back home, to the Southern Isles; Alistair joins him on the journey, as their wedding plans are put in motion. Reece, despite himself, falls in love with his cousin, and when Tirus¿ sons find out, they set in motion a great treachery. And Romulus, in the Empire, discovers a new form of magic which may just destroy the Shield for good. With its sophisticated world-building and characterization, A SEA OF SHIELDS is an epic tale of friends and lovers, of rivals and suitors, of knights and dragons, of intrigues and political machinations, of coming of age, of broken hearts, of deception, ambition and betrayal. It is a tale of honor and courage, of fate and destiny, of sorcery. It is a fantasy that brings us into a world we will never forget, and which will appeal to all ages and genders. ¿A spirited fantasy ¿.Only the beginning of what promises to be an epic young adult series.¿ --Midwest Book Review (regarding A Quest of Heroes) ¿THE SORCERER¿S RING has all the ingredients for an instant success: plots, counterplots, mystery, valiant knights, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal. It will keep you entertained for hours, and will satisfy all ages. Recommended for the permanent library of all fantasy readers.¿ --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos "

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  • : Morgan Rice
  • : Morgan Rice
  • : 9781939416674
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 268
  • : december 2013
  • : 302
  • : 135 x 203 x 16 mm.
  • : Sorcerer's Ring
  • : Fantasy