A Space Between

Anna Citrino has woven the story of Italian immigrants-their small joys and compelling heartaches-into a moonlit tapestry. Thread by poetic thread, this book is an exquisite fabric of personal journeys, cultural insights, and little known Italian American history. I loved entering this "space between," created with great love and profound grace. -Catherine Ann Lombard A Space Between is that rarity in books of poetry, a book that coheres, where everything is of a piece. . . . The book brings vividly alive the immigrant experience. The differences between the two worlds that the characters inhabit are rendered with skill and delicacy . . . A Space Between has epic sweep rendered in a wide range of voices, each distinctive, each compelling. -Michael L. Newell A massive, ambitious effort of epic proportions that rewards with its interweavings of history, consequence, heritage, and legacy. How heartening it is to witness in these poems the resonance through generations of immigration and sacrifice to provide for living, surviving, prospering. -Nicholas Samaras

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  • : Anna Citrino
  • : Bordighera Press
  • : 9781599541495
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 175
  • : december 2019
  • : 286
  • : 153 x 228 x 19 mm.
  • : VIA Folios
  • : Poëzie