Contemporary Accounts in Drug Discovery and Development

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A useful guide for medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical scientists

Drug discovery is a lengthy and complex process that typically involves identifying an unmet medical need, determining a biological target, chemical library screening to identify a lead, chemical optimization, preclinical studies and clinical trials. This process often takes many years to complete, and relies on practitioners' knowledge of chemistry and biology, but also--and perhaps more importantly--on experience. Improving the success rate in discovery and development through a thorough knowledge of drug discovery principles and advances in technology is critical for advancement in the field.

Contemporary Accounts in Drug Discovery and Development provides drug discovery scientists with the knowledge they need to quickly gain mastery of the drug discovery process. A thorough accounting is given for each drug covered within the book, as the authors provide pharmacology, drug metabolism, biology, drug development, and clinical studies for every case, with modern drug discovery principles and technologies incorporated throughout.

Contemporary Accounts in Drug Discovery and Development readers will also find

  • Case histories used as an engaging way of learning about the drug discovery/development process
  • Detailed biological rational and background information, drug design principles, SAR development, ADMET considerations, and clinical studies
  • The full history of individual marketed small molecule drugs
  • Coverage of drug candidates that have passed Phase I clinical trials with different modalities, such as antibody drug conjugates (ADC), proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC), and peptide drugs
  • The application of new technologies in drug discovery such as DNA-encoded libraries (DEL), positron emission tomography (PET), and physics-based computational modeling employing free energy perturbation (FEP)

Contemporary Accounts in Drug Discovery and Development is a helpful tool for medicinal chemists, organic chemists, pharmacologists, and other scientists in drug research and process development. It may be considered essential reading for graduate courses in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, drug synthesis, pharmaceutical science, and pharmacology. It is also a useful resource for pharmaceutical industry labs, as well as for libraries.

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