Cracking the Healer's Code

2 - 4 Weken

Racism is a condition that affects the whole human race - the entire human family. More than fifty years have passed since the Civil Rights Movement, yet here stands America, still struggling with the issue of race. But that can change if we have the courage to move toward our collective transformation. Cracking the Healer's Code is the guidebook to help us do just that. Within the pages of this book you'll find:the historical context behind the last five hundred years of our internalized racial conditioning the roadmap for breaking through the layers of misinformation, preconceived assumptions, and stereotypes the healing process, broken down into stages, which will empower us to claim our right to wholeness the resources to help us connect the dots at the end of the process Moving through the violence and trauma of our human history will not be an easy task, nor should it be. Cracking the Healer's Code invites us to walk through the healing process and be transformed.

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