De Sculptura

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De sculptura is a collection of ideas about sculpture that could inspire a range of insights into the discipline. They
concern artworks that play on our minds and our imaginations in contemporary times, just like the countless other
kinds of images with which we are surrounded. The fact that sculpture, more than any other artform, succeeds in captivating us beyond the boundaries of time and space is due to the slowness of a medium that eradicates all elaborations on content, so that the sculpture remains a summary of reality. I am convinced that this is what makes it possible to write about sculpture for a broad and unprejudiced audience in same spirit of openness, and without constantly resorting to the usual conventions that obfuscate artworks instead of making them accessible.

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  • : Philip van Isacker
  • : Mer
  • : 9789463936224
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 368
  • : januari 2022
  • : 871
  • : 241 x 161 x 29 mm.