Digital Customer Success

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Creating a digital product that delivers value is merely the first step in a long path to company success. You must also ensure your customers know how to unlock the value contained within your software.

In Digital Customer Success, a team of world-leading customer success experts delivers a practical and hands-on exploration of the next stage in the evolution of customer success management. In the book, you'll discover how to design and create digital interventions that help your software users learn and grow as they use your product without needing to schedule a meeting with a live Customer Success Manager.

The authors offer a detailed "how-to" guide to digital customer success that ensures you can meet the needs of your customers, investors, and team members. After you learn the basics of the included Digital Customer Success Maturity model and the core tenets of how to get started, you'll consider organizational structures, success measurements, and other concepts that will help you take your customers from adopters to evangelists.

Digital Customer Success provides you with key learnings and tips from real organizations paving the way with their groundbreaking digital customer success strategies. It highlights case studies and examples of companies that have found new and exciting ways to help their customers find stunning amounts of value in their offerings via automated, hybrid, and live interventions.

Perfect for customer success professionals and managers, executives, directors, founders, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders, Digital Customer Success is also a can't-miss resource for salespeople and sales team leaders, marketers, product designers, software engineers, and anyone else with a stake in ensuring customers know how to use digital products.

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