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Do you have some month left over at the end of your money ? Here’s the good news: as of now that problem is solved! Okay, money doesn’t buy happiness. But even with a detached lifestyle, we all need a minimum of material things. Don’t worry. The starting point of this book, is the principle that you can pamper yourself as much as you like, buying things/objects/services to which you attach a particular importance, by funding them with savings that you earned by cutting down on expenses on things/objects/services that matter less or not at all to you, but that cost you a lot of money. Indeed, we all tend to be a little bit negligent and lazy, causing us to do things all day long that cost us money, without finding true satisfaction. Replace those acts by others, make a small effort to install other automatisms (which takes about a month) and all of a sudden you’ll find out that you’ve got a lot of money left, especially at the moment when you receive your energy bill. So here are lots of useful tips to save money, without being stingy and without depriving you of anything!

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