Elements of a Better Life

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It's undeniable - our world is transforming at breakneck speed, propelled by the digital revolution into uncharted territory. The relentless influx of stimuli and information we now face daily is unprecedented and overwhelming. But do we fully grasp the impacts? Human brains evolved for a very different world, wired to prize stability and conserve resources. Yet today, we confront a constant assault of inputs and disruptions that our neurology struggles to process. People compulsively check devices everywhere - the gym, work, meals, bedtime - bombarding already taxed neuronal capacity with TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. "What I see in practice, as a brain specialist is fatigue, muscle pain sensations in neck-shoulders resulting in headache, memory and concentration weakness, fears, anxiousness and sadness, and the complete inability to relax. We are always switched 'on'." - Erik Matser But there is hope. Buried beneath the strain lies a simple truth - you don't have to be perfect to have an amazing brain. The real superpower now is calmness and control over your personal pace. What others do pales next to what you choose for healthy function.

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