Florida Gardening

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Florida Gardening: The Newcomer's Survival Manual, Second Edition by Monica Moran Brandies Even experienced gardeners who move to Florida need help in coping with their new landscape and garden. The climate, soil, plants, and pests are so different from those in other places that the old techniques won't always do the job. Neither will garden guides written for a northern climate. Here is a garden guide written just for Florida. This new edition is greatly expanded but has Monica's friendly and informative advice, as it always did. With this guide you will avoid costly mistakes and quickly gain confidence and garden success! Noted garden writer Monica Brandies cheerfully tells how to: * prepare for the move * avoid mistakes as you make a Florida landscape plan * adjust familiar garden chores to the Florida climate * make the best tree, shrub, lawn, and plant choices * garden in an easy, environmentally friendly way and deal with pests * turn Florida sand into rich garden soil * use mulches and native plants to reduce labor and water * learn to recognize and use dramatic, colorful, exotic plants * grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables * grow plain or fancy plants in containers indoors and out * decorate your home, patio, pool, and garden with amazing Florida plants

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