Google Calendar For Beginners

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Google Calendar For Beginners: The Comprehensive Guide To Bettering Your Time-Management And Scheduling, Organizing Your Schedule And Coordinating Events To Improve Your Productivity Google created Google Calendar, a calendaring and time-management application. Users can add and modify events in Google Calendar. Events can have reminders enabled, with options for type and time. Users can invite other users to events, and event locations can be added. Users have the option to allow or prohibit the display of specific calendars. These include Holidays, a national calendar that shows dates of noteworthy events, and Birthdays, an app that pulls birthday dates from Google contacts and shows birthday cards annually. Google has been incorporating machine learning into its features over time. One such feature is "Events from Gmail," which allows event data from a user's Gmail messages to be automatically added to Google Calendar. The "Reminders" feature allows users to add tasks that need to be completed and can be updated automatically with new information. When generating events, the app makes recommendations for contacts, titles, and locations under "Smart Suggestions". The "Goals" feature allows users to input details about a personal goal and the app will automatically arrange the activity for the best times. In this book, we'll walk you through how to use Google Calendar like a pro.

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