Ibelieve Onlyinlove

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I remember when I was seven, I started to get scary dreams at night. Large black shadowed demons entered my dreams and I didn’t know how to escape from them. They were really nightmares. My dad and mom didn’t know why and what it was and they could not help me at all. Only keeping the light on at night. And that helped a little but, when I got really tired and felt really deep asleep, it started all over again. I was attacked by large black shadowed demons and I didn’t know how to escape. Then I spoke to an uncle of me, who had lived in Indonesia and knew about the spiritual world. I didn’t know what that was. He told me that I easily left my body when I was dreaming and simply entered the spiritual world. That’s how he called it. The world of demons and ghosts. But also the world of angels. And I have learned that only love can protect us and shield us against every evil power because nothing in the whole universe is stronger than the POWER of LOVE.

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