Jane Eyre; Including Introductory Essays by G. K. Chesterton and Virginia Woolf

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A Victorian governess's love for her mysterious employer is threatened by the tragic secret of his mansion
Isolated and lonely, Jane Eyre's childhood was one of cruelty and hate. When the young governess finally seems to have found the love, comfort, and joy she's always longed for, a terrible secret threatens to destroy everything. Enduring a harsh upbringing and a troublesome time at the bleak Lowood School, Jane grows into an intelligent, kind young lady. When she arrives at Mr. Rochester's grand house to begin a position as governess, her hopes of finding love appear to be coming true. But just like her dark childhood, Mr. Rochester is keeping secrets of his own, and something terrible lies waiting for Jane in the attic. An astonishing novel of passion, romance, and horror, Jane Eyre challenges social norms with strong, feminist ideals. Charlotte Brontë offers profound perspectives on a number of important social issues, often questioning the status quo and traditional ideas. First published in 1847, this classic volume features a biography of the author by G. K. Chesterton, as well as essays by Virginia Woolf.

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