Love At First Sight - Part Two: The Other Side

1 - 2 Weken

A journey inside the deep-thinking, dark realms of a subconscious mind where the real and fantasy worlds are one. For those who didn't meet Jeannette, the fictional character who came to life as she passionately narrated her long-term, emotionally-charged, almost virtual love affair in Love at First Sight: A One-Sided Story; she reappears in The Other Side more determined than ever to conquer the obstacles and emerge victorious in her quest to find peace, love and contentment in a Universe paralyzed by the constraints of control freaks who, at every opportunity, challenge her life lived "in a fictional world". Overcoming this negativity becomes the driving force in her battle to achieve self-acceptance, often impeded by the haunting, human frailties of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and the inevitable path of self-destruction.

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