Navigating to Value-Based Outcomes

Payment reform efforts will be a mainstay of healthcare delivery so long as our societal spending on care is high while our outcomes are inconsistent or middling. To thrive - financially, individually, and collectively as care delivery units - we must be able to demonstrate to ourselves and for others, the value of the outcomes we produce. While it is true that you can't improve what you don't measure, it is also true that you can't act on measurements you don't understand. Every healthcare system, form a single provider office up to a national chain, has to bridge administrative and clinical workflows to create better, more meaningful, outcomes for each patient. Learn to rebuild an organization with tools you already have in your practice now to listen to your patients and create a system to empower patients and staff alike. Create an environment where outcomes are:- measured in a meaningful way - evaluated based on both the patient and the practice's needs - acted upon to strengthen both the practice's community and bottom line. Dr. Walsh utilizes extensive clinical, business, and academic experience to demonstrate a proven methodology to identify and measure what matters most to patients. Learn to:- capture the data that matters to patients - create data governance and oversight structures - employ new cost-allocation techniques - evaluate the effectiveness of varied transformation techniques - implement shared decision-making - improve the patient experience with all levels of the practice Here is the roadmap to identifying actionable strategies and effective improvement activities to engage your patients and align your people so your organization can navigate toward value-based outcomes and thrive.

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