Paradoxes of Growth

1 - 2 Weken

Do you have a strong feeling that your house does not bring you happiness, but adds worries? Do you feel dissatisfied with it? Do you want to makeover your house and make it cozier without major renovation and spending a fortune but do not know where to start? Then this book is for you!

Developing relations with your home is a process, and this book will become a friend, a companion, an expert who will guide you step by step through this exciting way.

The book includes:

  • Checklists of necessary things by zones and rooms.
  • Shopping lists of: niche décor stores, furniture and the best manufacturers: from the mass market to single Instagram accounts. You will find out what and where to buy for the house, and most importantly – why?
  • A clear algorithm of changes in the house with an adjustment to our realities.
  • Tips on how to change the mood in the house without renovation.
  • The basics of decorating.
  • Stop lists and a strict “no” in the arrangement of the house.
  • The rituals.
  • On developing a relationship with vintage.
  • Understandable Feng Shui.
  • Setting the table for every day and a basic set for home decor.
  • Practical methods of working with art in the interior.
  • Rules of order, comfort and harmony.
  • Life hacks and tips from interior stylists.
  • A paradigm shift, #flowersasabasicneed.
  • Lots of inspiration.
  • Instruction on how to understand that your house is outdated.
  • The concept of personal boundaries in the house and much more.
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