Physical Diagnostics

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Physical examination, along with history-taking, forms the basis of diagnosis. Interpretation of the information obtained will determine whether further diagnostic tests are worthwhile, and if so, which ones. This book provides students, lecturers and practising doctors with a standard for physical examination.

Physical Diagnostics describes physical examination systematically. The relevant anatomy and physiology are set out, as these provide the basis for the proper technique of physical examination. The book also provides information on normal and abnormal findings and their clinical significance. In addition to the systematic descriptions of adult examination there are chapters on the physical examination of specific groups such as pregnant women, newborn babies, children and geriatric patients.

Videos of all the procedures described have been made, over 150 clips in total. These can be viewed in the StudySuite online learning environment, where audio clips and the text of the book can also be found. StudySuite enables readers to switch easily between the videos and the text.

This new edition has been reorganized so as to make a clear distinction between general examination and examination on indication. There are new chapters on mental state examination, general physical examination in adults and chapters containing guidelines for communication and hygiene during physical examination. The text has been brought up to date and augmented where necessary, and many new illustrations have been included. There is a checklist for each chapter setting out the content of physical examination schematically.

Physical Diagnostics is intended primarily for medical students, specialist nurses and trainee medical specialists to learn physical examination systematically. It will also be found useful by doctors, lecturers and paramedical practitioners wishing to update and refresh their knowledge regarding the proper techniqueof physical examination and the clinical significance of abnormal findings.

The book has been produced in collaboration between the eight Dutch University Medical Centres and faculties, with input from Belgian colleagues.

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