Reparenting Your Wounded Inner Child

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Free yourself from the pains of the past... and powerfully create a life you can love now and in the future. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a perfect childhood. Since it's typically about trial and error, the whole experience can be pretty challenging, stressful, and even jarring. When you were a child, your mind and heart were extra fragile and vulnerable. Even with the best parenting in the world, you probably learned some unhelpful or unhealthy behavior that you carried on as an adult. That connection you have to your child self and your childhood memories - especially negative or traumatic ones - is known as your "inner child." And when left unhealed, your inner child can heavily influence your own parenting style, affecting your kids in turn. How do you know if your inner child is unhealed? You will see the signs: Do you have toxic habits you just can't break? Do people ride roughshod over you... and you always come last after their needs? Does it feel like you are walking an emotional highwire of irritability, anger, or sadness, and you never know when you might fall? Most of these stem from unresolved childhood experiences... but this should not be your life sentence. With some compassion and patience, you can start to heal and transform. You can break the cycle of pain and suffering for yourself and future generations. Looking at your childhood with the compassionate eyes of a mature and conscious adult, you can recognize where you needed something more or better than what you got... and take the steps to fix it. With the help of this guide, you can gently rewrite your story into one that works for you, not against you. Inside this supportive and transformative resource, you will discover: 7 simple steps to emotional and mental freedom and personal power - heal your inner child and be amazed at how it changes your life The top signs that your inner child is wounded... and how to start the process of healing and support from yourself How to do inner child work safely and calmly (plus quick, feel-good tips to help you calm down and feel better fast, no matter how triggered you feel) The gentle art of reparenting - rewrite the past and usher yourself into a happier, brighter future Practical exercises to get you started on your healing path - release emotional blocks and become the best version of yourself The top limiting beliefs we learn in childhood... and how to turn them completely around for good A practical plan for rebuilding self-worth, self-forgiveness, and confidence in yourself How to let go of guilt, shame, and blame - stop the past from continually bringing you down in the present 10 steps to becoming more resilient and stronger - find out how to fill the room with your presence and personal power Inspirational stories and practical examples to illustrate the incredible possibilities of inner child work And much more... With the help of this guide, you don't have to wonder if you'll ever get over the bad experiences of the past or ever be free of their hold on you. Every single exercise, reflection, or action you take as you read this book will help create positive shifts in your life that will have beneficial ripple effects echoing constructively on every level of your world. It's time to look forward to a happy and shining future... because you deserve to enjoy the beauty, excitement, and peace life offers.

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  • : Leigh W. Hart
  • : 401 Publishing
  • : 9781962767033
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 216
  • : februari 2024
  • : 321
  • : 229 x 152 x 12 mm.
  • : Heal, Grow, & Thrive
  • : Psychotherapie: begeleiding