Songs to Number Six

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'This book of poems is essentially cabalistic or pseudo-cabalistic, but not because it is in some way mystical, esoteric or secretive, but because it is numerical. At least it deals with a cipher of deep significance: number six (6). Kabbalah comprises a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain through symbols and numbers in most cases the relationship between God and the mortal and finite universe, which, ultimately, is God's creation. Here the poems aim to show in a tone of denouncement through number six the relationship of the world the poet observes externally with the way he interprets it within the frame of an inner stance. Thus, number six turns out to be one of the keynote variables to which the poet resorts so as to denounce and expose overtly his micro universe of concerns. Number 6 is a number of poetical perfection, and Songs to Number Six arises as a book of poems imbued with an undoubtable stylistic sense of unity and coherence that is bound to persist and survive in infinite time and space as well as a six-dimensional universe of completion and perfection.' José Antonio Alonso Navarro, Doctor in English Philology, University of La Coru¨ña (Spain).

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