St. germanus of auxerre

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Being interested in both Orthodox spirituality and post-Roman history, I cast about for a volume presenting all that is known to us about one of the most famous and influential figures of the 5th century, Saint Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre: and finding none, have dared distill into one booklet the works of those scholars who have cast light upon one aspect or other of St Germanus` life and works. We know more of him than of St David, St Patrick, Arthur or any other figures of the Age of Saints, because of the singular impression he made upon his contemporaries. He is known to have visited the Isle of Britain at least once, if not twice: and his fame spread far, permeating especially into the collective memory of my own Welsh nation, amongst others. Our forefathers delighted in talk of his deeds, reminding each other of his aid and leadership in trying times. We have inherited great respect towards him, consecrating many churches and wells to God in his name, and naming both sons and places after him.

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