The Arts of Making in Ancient Egypt
The Arts of Making in Ancient Egypt
The Arts of Making in Ancient Egypt
The Arts of Making in Ancient Egypt

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This book provides an innovative analysis of the conditions of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship in the light of the archaeology of production, linguistic analysis, visual representation and ethnographic research.

During the past decades, the "imaginative" figure of ancient Egyptian material producers has moved from "workers" to "artisans" and, most recently, to "artists". In a search for a fuller understanding of the pragmatics of material production in past societies, and moving away from a series of modern preconceptions, this volume aims to analyse the mechanisms of material production in Egypt during the Middle Bronze Age (2000-1550 BC), to approach the profile of ancient Egyptian craftsmen through their own words, images and artefacts, and to trace possible modes of circulation of ideas among craftsmen in material production.

The studies in the volume address the mechanisms of ancient production in Middle Bronze Age Egypt, the circulation of ideas among craftsmen, and the profiles of the people involved, based on the material traces, including depictions and writings, the ancient craftsmen themselves left and produced.

Sculpture Workshops: who, where and for whom?
Simon Connor

The Artistic Copying Network Around the Tomb of Pahery in Elkab (EK3): a New Kingdom case study
Alisee Devillers

Antiquity Bound to Modernity. The significance of Egyptian workers in modern archaeology in Egypt
Maximilian Georg

Epistemological Things! Mystical Things! Towards an ancient Egyptian ontology
Amr El Hawary

Centralized and Local Production, Adaptation, and Imitation: Twelfth Dynasty offering tables
Alexander Ilin-Tomich

To Show and to Designate: attitudes towards representing craftsmanship and material culture in Middle Kingdom elite tombs
Claus Jurman

Precious Things? The social construction of value in Egyptian society, from production of objects to their use (mid 3rd-mid 2nd millennium BC)
Christelle Mazé

Faience Craftsmanship in the Middle Kingdom. A market paradox: inexpensive materials for prestige goods?
Gianluca Miniaci

Leather Processing, Castor Oil, and Desert/Nubian Trade at the Turn of the 3rd/2nd Millennium BC: some speculative thoughts on Egyptian craftsmanship
Juan Carlos Moreno García

Languages of Artists: closed and open channels
Stephen Quirke

Craft Production in the Bronze Age. A comparative view from South Asia
Shereen Ratnagar

The Egyptian Craftsman and the Modern Researcher: the benefits of archeometrical analyses
Patricia Rigault, Caroline Thomas

The Representation of Materials, an Example of Circulations of Formal Models among Workmen. An insight into the New Kingdom practices
Karine Seigneau

Staging Restricted Knowledge: the sculptor Irtysen's self-presentation (ca. 2000 BCE)
Andreas Stauder

The Nubian Mudbrick Vault. A Pharaonic building technique in Nubian village dwellings of the early 20th Century
Lilli Zabrana

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