The Book of Tea

This enchanting 1906 work introduced the West to the art of the Japanese national drink through the philosophy of "teaism" as an aesthetic that permeates Japanese thinking and ritual. From "tea ideals" to the serenity of the tearoom, from the beverage's influence on Zen and Taoist concepts to its infusion in the ceremony of flower arranging, this is an essential introduction not merely to a drink but to an entire way of life. It will delight tea lovers and students of Japanese culture alike. Japanese scholar and writer KAKUZO OKAKURA (1863-1913) helped spread interest in Asian art and culture to the Western world. He is also the author of Ideals of the East (1883).

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  • : 9781507552940
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  • : Paperback
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  • : januari 2015
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  • : 216 x 140 x 3 mm.
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  • : Oost-Aziatische en Indiase filosofie