The Human Primer

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The Human Primer illuminates our most basic common denominators for being human. Everything you will ever think, feel or do distills down to the same exact common denominators regardless of where you are being human on our planet. Location doesn't matter. Culture doesn't matter. Race, gender and age don't matter. We must all be human. Knowing how to be human is the greatest knowledge anyone can possess and it is identical for us all. If you are human, you might find it useful to know how you are being human. It is really that simple. All the mainstream sciences have discovered the impact humans have on human biology, chemistry, DNA and the quantum level. When we make a decision (free will) we can now see and measure that impact. We have always been, always will be and currently are impacting ourselves and the planet. It is time we all learned HOW we are doing it. The Human Primer explains the "How" through a cast of characters. There is Grandpa, Mom, Cousin Gene, Bubba, Goober and a cast of party animals. All members of the "The Atoms Family" - your family. As you will see, your entire worldview changes when the Atoms Family shows up. Discerning today's rhetoric, disinformation, propaganda and bias can be a daunting task. The Human Primer provides a new lens to distill your observation, assessment and buy-in skills down to a very simple filter.... by inviting the Atoms Family to the party. When the Family shows up, you will realize all sources of persuasion asking you to adopt their views and ideas to hate, anger and fear are really asking you to throw your family under the bus tires! Should you buy into their negative disposition, you will cause your cells to stop reproducing, deteriorate your immune system, cause your DNA to react, affect your body chemistry and most importantly cause your own energy field to go negative which affects "Mom" - the electromagnetic field around the planet. This new lens illuminates the intended outcome and effect caused by the idea they are selling (bus tires)... so you simply opt out. It will become obvious that every free-willed moment in your daily existence is either making MOM happy or not. "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" is actually true. Seven billion people on the planet are doing exactly the same thing using their locally-sold justifications to throw their families under the bus and affect Mom... positively or negatively. The resulting demeanor of Mom's frequency is measurable. This is Human Primer knowledge. It is just the science underneath it all. It is time you met the Atom's Family.

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  • : Taylor James
  • :
  • : 9781456629472
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 164
  • : november 2017
  • : 168
  • : 125 x 177 x 23 mm.
  • : Aanvullende therapieën, genezing en gezondheid