The Phantom Bomb

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A monster creates a monster, right? Wrong!!! Enter female psychologist Rebecca Tawny who has to confront herself with her dark past to save the life of a child victimized by a hypnotic mad man and to plead herself free of a murder-charge. Enter billionaire’s daughter Lui Lin Kieferssand – at age thirteen already kidnapped three times and desperately needs thorough mental help to become sane and happy again. What begins as a simple courtesy to an old friend leads Rebecca into an adventurous roller-coaster trip in the dark belly of America today, including – among others - a former FBI-agent with probable cause, a police inspector with a suspicious team and a helping hand from another time. While the truth has to be found in the reality of matter, the battle for wisdom and guidance will take place in the realm of spirit and heart. The only question is: “ there enough time?” Because the clock is ticking at an alarming rate, and death is going to call at the end.

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