The Power of Music Thinking
The Power of Music Thinking
The Power of Music Thinking
The Power of Music Thinking

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The Power of Music Thinking gives you a new approach and meta-language that connects all patterns from different perspectives for a sound business.
The Power of Music Thinking allows users to construct a new model for innovative business by using a musical analogy. The book challenges you to embrace various perspectives simultaneously, boost collaboration, and guide readers towards refining their leadership skills. Instead of approaching business as various silos, Music Thinking treats organizations as an orchestra, with each part having its tune to add. Split into four sections - Listen, Tune, Play, and Perform - this book breaks down collaboration by using a variety of world-class tools and theories. You’ll be able to move through each of the interconnected cues that make up each chapter, employing the tactics there in order to innovate how you approach business. Perfect for entrepreneurial minds looking to craft a stronger, sound business, Music Thinking teaches a new approach to collaboration and comes with a whole new meta-language. Every business can find its analogy in a musical ensemble or style, it’s time to understand your dynamics.

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  • : Christof Zürn
  • : Bis Publishers BV
  • : 9789063696306
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 208
  • : april 2022
  • : 460
  • : 205 x 135 x 22 mm.
  • : Bedrijfsstrategie; Muziek; Ondernemerschap