The Tiger's Daughter
The Tiger's Daughter
The Tiger's Daughter
The Tiger's Daughter

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Even gods can be slain

The Hokkaran empire has conquered every land within their bold reach--but has failed to notice a lurking darkness festering within the people. Now, their border walls begin to crumble, and villages fall to demons that swarm out of the forests under the cover of night.

Out on the silver steppes, remaining horse-bound tribes of Qorin retreat and protect their own, having bartered a treaty with the emperor resting on the heads of the next generation. It is up to two young warriors, having grown up together across borders since their prophesied birth, to save the world from the encroaching demons.

This is the story of an infamous Qorin warrior, Barsalayaa Shefali, a spoiled divine warrior empress, O-Shizuka, and a power that can reach through time and space to save a land from a truly insidious evil.

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  • : K Arsenault Rivera
  • : St Martin's Press
  • : 9780765392534
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 526
  • : oktober 2017
  • : 492
  • : 209 x 145 x 35 mm.
  • : Their Bright Ascendency
  • : Avonturenroman; Epische / heroïsche fantasy; Fictie: algemeen en literair; Historische fantasy; Met betrekking tot lesbiënnes; Mythes en sprookjes; Romantiek