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A fun and timely game that will help you to make positive, sustainable changes in both your personal and professional life
Time to spring into action. Introducing: The Time is Now, a toolkit for serious change. Use this timely card game to challenge, inspire, pitch and get serious results for positive impact. The toolkit consists of 60 tool cards that trigger questions and inspire possible solutions by fellow players. Questions like: what can you do to stay out of a polluting hospital? What would your holiday look like with zero CO2 emissions? How do you co-travel to the office? With whom would you work together for a healthier living and working environment? Invite your colleagues, friends and family and move to a more sustainable planet one step at a time. In multiple rounds you'll discover new options, practical solutions, and put these in the simplest plan of approach, you have ever seen. Share and commit to what you will start tomorrow, next week and this year. Use The Time is Now toolkit to grow ideas and start changing the world around you and inspire to make changes. Make a difference, one step at a time. The Time really is Now! From the authors of The Startup Game Challenge, inspire, pitch and get serious results for positive impact Translate complex and scientific models and tools into everyday professional and private life. Inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and Project Drawdown, the world's leading resource for climate solutions Generate more effective ideas than any other toolbox in just 45 minutes

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