Theology Of Work

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Given that so much of our contemporary lives are spent working and that so many major decisions and issues in life revolve around our work, it is surprising just how little serious theological reflection there is on the subject. A Theology of Work: Work and the New Creation makes work itself the subject of theological enquiry. From within Christian doctrine it asks the pressing questions 'what is work and work's place in God's economy and thus, how should we be carrying out our work?' Through dialogue with Jurgen Moltmann, Pope John Paul II and others, this book develops a genitive 'theology of work'. It offers a normative theological definition of work and a model for a theological ethics of work that shows work's nature, value and meaning now, and, quite uniquely, eschatologically related to the new creation. Throughout the book it is argued that work in its essence is about transformation and, as such, it is an activity consisting of three dynamically interrelated dimensions: the instrumental, relational, and ontological. 'This careful, well informed and interesting book offers an important thesis that work is of the essence of human being, including the eschatological dimension: it will provide a significant focus for much theological debate of a neglected topic.' Timothy Bradshaw, Senior Tutor, Regent's Park College, Oxford, UK 'Cosden's A Thelogy of Work is a substantial new contribution to the field. He highlights the enduring significance of human work in light of the Christian hope of the New Creation and the Kingdom of God. I heartily recommend it to all who are concerned to integrate their work with Christian faith.' John Jefferson Davis, Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA, USA 'The widespread sense felt by so many of us that we are continually on the verge of burn out indicates how much we need to be informed by fresh attempts to understand work from a thoroughly biblical and theological perspective. Darrell Cosden offers just such a promising engagement. Rather than limiting the theological basis for understanding work to a human vocation entrusted to us in the primordial past, Cosden wisely and helpfully directs our attention as well to the future. Thereby, he provides an eternal vantage point that, if taken to heart, can transform our attitude toward the work that we are called to do in the present.' Stanley J. Grenz, Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology, Carey Theological College, Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Professor of Theological Studies, Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle, WA, USA Darrell Cosden (BA Bryan College, MDiv Denver Seminary, PhD St Andrews, Scotland) is Lecturer in Theology and Ethics at the International Christian College in Glasgow, Scotland. He has served in pastoral ministry and with International Teams in Russia and Ukraine as a Lecturer and academic dean at Donetsk Christian University.

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