Tia, The Topless Dancer

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Curiously, in the case of the present novel, the consummation of a concrete person-to-person contact is not sheer fiction, since the heroine of this story actually exists. She is a professional topless dancer, you could actually witness her dance. Neither you nor I should pre-judge the heroine of this story, Tia, merely on the grounds that she possessed and still possesses extraordinary human beauty. It is important to underscore this point in order to avoid a bias against her merely because she chose to use her bodily beauty to entice men for money in order to make a living. 'William R. Neblett is a urban anthropologist. His characters' description is always accurately drawn, and we cannot but love these underground people who fight hard to make a living and to find a safe place within a sometime very disturbing American society. Heloïse, his first novel, was funny and spiritually enlightened. Tia, The Topless Dancer, somber and harsher, reveals the author's deep sense of humanity. Undoubtedly William R. Neblett scored a home run with it.' Alain Saint-Saëns, Novelist and Literary Critic.

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