Using the View Camera

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Explore the infinite possibilities in shooting with a view camera! This thoroughly revised edition of Using the View Camera shows how to achieve the best results with any large-format camera. Inside you will find information on films, Polaroid transfer images, and yaw, along with an expanded discussion of lens design, the Scheimpflug Rule, obtaining perspective control, and working with unusual formats. A stunning gallery of architectural, still-life, and portrait photographs taken by 24 view-camera artists highlights the camera's creative applications. This book demonstrates how you can take quality photographs with the view camera (and a little patience) that would otherwise be impossible on a nonadjustable roll-film camera. Steve Simmons explains everything you need to know in order to master the technical aspects of photography's greatest format. Chapters cover an expanse of material including: View-camera design Accessory equipment Lenses & shutters Optical principles Camera movements Operating the camera Film characteristics Film processing The Zone System Creative applications

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