Wicked World International Edition

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Wicked World advocates the need to acknowledge the complex contexts in which managers, professionals and policymakers operate. Conventional tools do not serve us well in these new contexts, and regularly, aggravate the situation. This book offers a systemic perspective in exploring complex challenges and a sensemaking framework to deal with interconnected, persistent problems. Looking beyond the problem; seeking deeper patterns and linkages to other problems; realizing that cause and effect may not be obvious or close by; and that small changes can have major impacts... these are essential steps in operating in a wicked world. It is time for new perceptions and concepts that can support us. Systems and complexity theories are a starting point for this book. A comprehensive sensemaking framework can guide us in dealing with challenges such as digitalization and robotization impacting businesses, institutions, homes and society as a whole; social inequity and polarizing discourses; obesity, burn-out and cybersecurity. The first step is to become ‘systems savvy’ – Wicked World takes you on this journey. Karel van Berkel and Anu Manickam have been working together for close to thirty years developing, applying and shaping insights from complexity and systems dynamics to support organizations and policy. Over the years, they have developed their own compilation of systems innovation tools and perspectives for complex challenges, building on academic and practical knowledge. The aim is to contribute to a new generation of professionals and managers who recognize complex challenges as outcomes of systems interactions and emerging systems patterns. Karel and Anu have their roots in diverse ‘worlds’: Dutch – Indian; Brabant – Malacca; sociologist – linguist and educator; management consultant and executive coach – cluster and regional development specialist. It is their diversity that connects them in their work. Karel and Anu are partners at We-Sense, instigating new strategies for complex challenges. Anu works for Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, The Netherlands and Karel is also associated with Schouten University of Applied Sciences and Hanze University. Their work includes supporting policy and knowledge development in the Netherlands, Europe and South East Asia. This book is their next step to sharing their insights to a wider audience in these complex and challenging times.

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