William Goldman

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William Goldman is one of the world's most popular storytellers. Amongst his more than two-dozen motion picture screenplays are such iconic works as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Stepford Wives, All the President's Men and A Bridge Too Far. His acclaimed novels include The Temple of Gold, Boys and Girls Together, The Princess Bride and Marathon Man. His non-fiction embraces The Season and Adventures in the Screen Trade, considered the definitive studies on Broadway and Hollywood respectively. Yet despite his success, Goldman has always been a tormented man, unable to enjoy either his art or the respect it has garnered him. Convinced he is "in on a pass," he has rarely written without a profound sense of self-doubt. In William Goldman: The Reluctant Storyteller, Sean Egan analyzes both Goldman's life and output, a task in which he has been assisted by Goldman himself via a series of interviews. The result is an enthralling book that gets to the core of a man who is both supreme talent and perplexing enigma.

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