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Yoga: Point + Process is a comprehensive technical manual that details 36 of yoga's most fundamental poses. It is an excellent study aid for teachers and teachers in training, as well as being a useful tool for every yogasana student at any level of experience, whether new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner. This unique and practical resource supports learning, practicing, and teaching asana with precision and detail, providing clear and concise instructions systematically guide practitioners through each pose's four stages, point-by-point - a process that supports the study and integration of fundamental principles while gradually learning their finer details, from when to learn them to managing challenges as they arise, and complete step-by-step practice instructions that take practitioners through preparation, entering and exiting the pose safely, and what to do while in the poses themselves. In this book, not only will you learn each pose in progressive layers, you will also find useful suggestions on how to solve the various challenges you may encounter along the way. Yoga: Point + Process will serve as an invaluable support to your practice, a resource that you can refer to time and again. Practitioners will find a variety of ways to work with classical poses, exploring the finer details while developing a self- guided practice. Yoga teachers will particularly benefit from the systematic approach to layering pose variations, supplementing teacher training and development programs, continuing as a sustaining reference throughout your teaching career. Hundreds of detailed illustrations accompany and clarify the text, making Yoga: Point + Process a joy to use. The book also includes a guide to the book's layout and suggestions on how to use the book, along with general practice guidelines on how to structure a practice and what types of poses to do and/or avoid for common concerns. The back of the book features an in-depth terms + definitions section that is much more than a glossary, and is alone worth studying. Front to back, Yoga: Point + Process is packed with information!

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