An urgent message for young men

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Josef, Joshua, Samuel, David and Jonathan, Josiah, Daniel and his three friends, Josef the son of David, and Timothy had something in common: they were all young men and believed in God; they were all young men and faithful servants of God; they were all young men and courageous. They were true Christian knights. But not all young men are like that. Bishop Ryle observes: “I exhort you, because I see so few young men anywhere, who walk with God. I speak without respect of persons: I say it of all. High or low, rich or poor, gentle or simple, learned or unlearned, in town or in country, it makes no matter. I tremble to observe how few young men are led by the Spirit, how few are in that narrow way which leads to life, how few are setting their affections upon things above, how few are taking up the cross, and following Christ. I say it with all sorrow, but I believe, as in God’s sight, I am saying nothing more than the truth." This volume has been compiled to help young men get serious about their faith and their life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Recommended price €27.75

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  • : J.C. Ryle
  • : Brave New Books
  • : 9789464487565
  • : Engels
  • : eBook
  • : februari 2022
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