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Do you suspect, or have just found out that your partner is cheating? You probably want to know several things: what will happen for you if your partner has cheated? What are the possibilities of getting close together again? What is the underlying reason that caused this to happen, and how do you talk to each other about it? With the 5 steps in this book, you help yourself and your partner to get off this rollercoaster together. With this book, Jacqueline helps you to listen to each other with compassion, to process the pain, and to deepen your relationship, making your relationship work again. Inside, you discover a fundamentally different approach to the way you can love each other. You can get started right away with the accompanying video series. The tips and exercises help you to rediscover each other, dust off your relationship cobwebs and fall in love with your partner again. If you are the one who cheated yourself, then this book is also for you. Turn this crisis into an opportunity and come out stronger! Jacqueline Evers is an EFT relationship therapist (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and owner of Loveworkx. She helps couples who have to make a choice to either improve or break up. She does this both online and in her practice in The Netherlands. She also trains coaches, mediators, and therapists who guide people with relationship problems at the Loveworkx Academy. This book is a go to guide when dealing with affairs, be that in your relationship or as a professional.

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  • : Jacqueline Evers
  • : Loveworkx
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  • : augustus 2020
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