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Claire Hodiamont, just seventeen years old as an unmarried woman, gets on the carriage to Cette, on her way to a new life. She has been offered a job at Maison Hanon. Justine, her employer, makes a design that Freule Coultier wears to the mayor's ball. The design hits like a bomb! Maison Hanon gets more customers and more fame. Claire is knocked over roughly one day as she is walking home. She looks into the most terrifying eyes she's ever seen. When she scrambles to her feet, she finds a package with a red book in it. Whose is it and what should she do with it? What if he knows who she is? And above all: what will he do if he finds her...?

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  • : Emma Leads
  • : Ambilicious LLP
  • : 9789493210936
  • : Engels
  • : eBook
  • : 200
  • : juli 2021
  • : 1
  • : 1 x 1 x 1 mm.
  • : ePub - 2
  • : Historische romantiek