Particulates, Coronaviruses and Greenhouse Gases

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Diseases and global warming result from the exploitation of livestock and nature. For half a century Mother Earth has given man dominion over his own reproduction and the reproduction of all animals and plants on earth. Meat and table eggs are still exclusively produced by artificial insemination and with breeding and incubators. African swine fever, annual flu viruses and coronavirus pandemics result from diseases in animals that can also spread to humans. Suspended moisture droplets (aerosol) are 0.5-10 micrometers (µm) long. A person who ingests, inhales, or is otherwise exposed to positive fluid droplets contaminated with bacteria or viruses may be exposed to hundreds or thousands of bacteria or virus particles, increasing the risk of infection. Respiratory droplets can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, contact with contaminated surfaces or through inhaled suspended respiratory droplets (aerosol). Therefore, each individual must take appropriate measures to reduce their own exposure to these particles if there is a risk of contamination.

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