Praise the Lord halleluja

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The sensible man is wise only when he has banished the impatience completely and wait for the time to act comes, because when man his impatience completely banished his personality will come to fruition when the time comes. Time and space are limitless, know and understand, that is why the world is a vast emptiness into which are reflected the images of life, which are projected by the mind. The so-called holy scriptures are created on the basis of erroneous knowledge and form the idol of the ignorant man. It is our own mind, which makes a reality of this unreal existence, and all these factors are internal (in the mind) interrelate. Try to understand that this world is a constant illusion, which is maintained by the spirit of the time and by the primal power of the indomitable nature. These are the ones that the imaginary world structure environment and quality of life have always consciously or unconsciously influenced and supported. This they will always continue to do as one by nature dictated duty. If you understand what is duty, while one realizes immediately how hard it is and how much effort the man is going to cost before this awareness and actually be freely expressed.”

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